♥ About GAIL Foundation Inc. ♥

Our Mission


GAIL Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization founded by Attorney Gail S. Seerram and is  dedicated to donatePLAY® by building and donating playground equipment to children living in rural third world countries.  GAIL stands for Giving Abundantly In Life - our mission.    

Our History


Since 2011, we have touched the lives of 470 children in Guyana, Cuba, Colombia, Trinidad & Tobago with the gift to play.  Nearly $47,000.00 has been donated and 100% used to build 41 swings, 26 slides, 24 sea-saws, 5 play/therapy rooms and toys for 470 kids.

Our #dressREDforKIDS Event


At our events, guest Dress RED for KIDS® to symbolize their love for children and our mission to donatePLAY® through giving educational toys, swings, slides, sea-saws and other outdoor play equipment to children in orphanages & rural third world countries.

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Why donatePLAY®? The children we serve have no access to outdoor play equipment like swings, slides and seesaws.  Play provides laughter, smiles, exercise, social skills and mental release from negligent or abuse.